Psychological Trauma in EMS Patients


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June 10th, 2017


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Whats a Beta Course?:  The course has just finished the initial development phase. The NAEMT beta tests courses so instructors can evaluate the flow of teaching and to gather valuable feedback from providers about ways to improve the course overall. Your comments help make this course the best possible.


About PTEP: Through the use of case-based lectures, interactive student activities, and realistic scenario stations, the course helps providers practice and discuss the integration of this information into their EMS practice. The evidence based content reviews the physiological and psychological effects that occur when patients and family members experience an emergency situation requiring EMS involvement. These events can leave lasting emotional scars. Along with patients, EMS providers experience a variety of psychological trauma due to the nature of EMS work. This course addresses psychological trauma and the integral role that EMS providers play in mitigating the long-term effects on patients. The course also includes a section designed to help identify stressors EMS providers experience and how to seek help.  Successful completion of the course will result in an NAEMT certificate and 8-hours of CAPCE accredited CEUs


Eligibility:  This course is open to all currently licensed/certified EMS providers and EMS instructors.