Information for the GFC-UPMC-CEM Paramedic Training Consortium Clinical and Field Sites

As a clinical & field site for the GFC-UPMC-CEM PTC, you may encounter situations when hosting students that you may not know the answers too.  The following will provide you with questions and answers to situations that may present themselves when students are at your facility.  As well, we are providing you with an electronic clinical/field manual to answer more specific items.  Should you still have questions, please contact the training department at 610-431-2303, or email for more information? – Thank you.

***No students are covered under Workman’s Compensation Insurance, rather they all have personal medical insurance for coverage.***

Q: What should I do if a student is exposed to blood, urine or any other body fluid while they are performing their role as a student?

A: Have the student immediately change their clothes. If they have been contacted with possible contaminated blood or fluid, i.e. Hepatitis patient, they should be sent to the Chester County Occupation Health Center  for testing and if after hours, the closest emergency room.

Q: What should I do if a student shows up late for a shift, not in uniform, or not wearing their appropriate identification card?

A: You should have no problem sending this student home. They are all made aware of the fact that they are to report on time, in uniform and ready to work/learn. Next, you would email or call 484-925-2524 and leave a message for Tammy Johnson, Education Coordinator.

Q: What should be done if a student is injured, or comes in contact with someone with a communicable disease while performing their duties?

A: The student should follow the protocol of the institution where they are at the time of injury or exposure. Also contact the Education Coordinator Tammy Johnson at, or by phone at 484-925-2524.