August 30, 2019

WEST CHESTER – To meet the demands of our growing community, Good Fellowship Ambulance is proud to announce the opening of two new substations. The decision to open these substations comes after careful review of our increasing call volume and the current/future land development within our coverage area. These substations will reduce response times by as much as 12 minutes in some areas.

These two new substations will be primarily staffed during daytime hours, when the demand for emergency medical services is greatest.

Station 55 – MAIN STATION – 600 Montgomery Avenue, West Goshen Township

  • Staffed 24/7 with Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Life Support capable ambulances.
  • Provides primary service to all ten of the municipalities served by Good Fellowship Ambulance.

Station 155 – Substation – 1311 West Chester Pike, East Goshen Township

  • Staffed during daytime hours with an Advanced Life Support Paramedic responder vehicle.
  • Provides primary service to the western portions of West Goshen Township, Westtown Township and our existing coverage area in East Goshen Township.
  • Ambulance service for this area is provided by Goshen Fire Company. Advanced Life Support Paramedic services are provided by Good Fellowship Ambulance.

Station 255 – Substation – 961 Downingtown Pike, East Bradford Township

  • Staffed during daytime and evening hours with an Advanced Life Support equipped ambulance.
  • Provides primary service to East Bradford Township, West Bradford Township, Newlin Township and Birmingham Township.


A special thank you to Keystone Quality Transport for allowing us to place our Paramedic Unit in their facility (Station 155) – 1311 West Chester Pike.

Questions may be directed to Chaz Brogan, Chief of Operations.