Bob Page’s Multi-Lead Medics 12-Lead Course (Day 1 Only)


Upcoming Classes

October 7, 2019
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Good Fellowship Ambulance & EMS Training Institute
600 Montgomery Avenue
West Chester, PA 19380

Payment Information

$60 – 1-Day Only Course: Bob Page’s Multi-Lead Medics 12-Lead Course (Day 1 – 10/07/19)
$60 – 1-Day Only Course: Bob Page’s Stethoscopy & “Slap the Cap!” Capnography Course (Day 2 – 10/08/19)


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$100 – Both Days (10/07/19 & 10/08/19) – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR BOTH DAYS


Developed in 1990, the Multi-Lead Medics course was developed after Bob Page had a bad experience with a patient because he was not aware of a condition they had. This case challenged what I was taught and motivated him to learn more. Since its creation, this course has been taught to thousands of people worldwide.

At the completion of this course, participants should be able to:
Describe the difference between monitoring and assessing a patient using an ECG machine.
Demonstrate proper lead placement for a 12 and 15 lead ECG.
Using a simple chart and leads I, II, III, determine electrical axis and the presence of fascicular blocks (hemiblocks).
Using lead V1 (MCL-1), determine bundle branch blocks.
Describe the clinical significance of hemiblocks and bundle branch blocks in the cardiac patient.
Describe a strategy for identifying V-Tach in wide complex tachycardia.
Describe the ECG criteria for W.P.W. syndrome
On a 12, 15 lead, or Multi-Lead ECG, identify ST and T wave changes relative to the triage of Acute Coronary Syndromes.
Describe a systematic “assessment” of a 12 and 15 lead ECG


Bob Page, M.Ed., NRP, CCP, NCEE

Bob Page is an internationally known speaker, instructor, author and paramedic. He has presented seminars across the United States, Canada, Mexico Europe, the Middle East and Japan. He is recognized for his energetic, humorous and motivational style. Bob takes ordinarily dry and hard to teach topics and transforms them into a fun, learning experience.

Bob has been an instructor for over 4 decades teaching a variety of adult education courses from customer service to advanced medical care. He is a nationally registered paramedic and a critical care paramedic. He's also a Nationally Certified EMS Educator. Bob has been involved in EMS since 1978 when after becoming a CPR instructor.

Bob presents cutting edge classes that inspire and empower students with new knowledge that students understand.