Emergency Medical Technician- Traditional Course


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2024 Sessions Posted

2024 Class Schedule      


Summer 2024 Sessions:

Monday and Wednesday evenings 1830-2230 and every other Saturday 0830-1630

Start date: 05/13/2024

End date: 08/21/2024

Registration  Ends: 4/29/2024

            Tuesday and Thursday evenings 1830-2230 and every other Sunday 0830-1630

Start Date: 05/14/2024

End Date: 08/22/2024

Registration Ends: 04/30/2024

Full Time Day Course- Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 0830-1630–  Course Full, call for waitlist

        Start Date: 06/03/2024

        End Date: 07/26/2024

        Registration Ends: 5/20/2024

Fall 2024 Sessions:

Monday and Wednesday evenings 1830-2230 and every other Saturday 0830-1630

Start date: 09/04/2024

End date: 12/18/2024

Registration  Ends: 08/21/2024

              Tuesday and Thursday evenings 1830-2230 and every other Sunday 0830-1630

Start Date: 09/05/2024

End Date: 12/19/2024

Registration Ends: 08/22/2024

Requirements for the Course:

The following courses are pre requisites for the course.  If you have never taken a FEMA course before you will need to follow the directions to create your SID.  Once you have completed the courses please email the certificates as a PDF attachment to the course Coordinator Tina Rowley,  Trowley@goodfellowship.org.


Good Fellowship Ambulance Training Institute
600 Montgomery Ave
West Chester, PA 19380


Payment Information

The traditional course tuition is all inclusive. Tuition is $1500.00 and is due at registration.   A non-refundable administration fee of $100 will be kept for all registration cancellations. Students must be 16 years old at the start of the course to be eligible.

Tuition includes student software, textbook, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, pen light, trauma shears, a CPR mask, uniform shirt, and initial NREMT cognitive exam voucher.

Credit Cards (Visa/Master Card) Accepted. Payments and/or questions please contact the Training Staff at 610-431-2303 daily.

Students are not required to have a station affiliation to complete application or course.

*Please note that if you have a positive criminal history, your ability to be certified as an EMT is at the discretion of the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bureau of EMS. Completion of the program does not guarantee certification.


Outcome Assessment:

2021 2020 2019
NREMT Cognitive Exam Pass Rate: 98% 88% 93%


All classes have a minimum and maximum enrollment. Should the minimum not be met, the class will be cancelled, and students will be given the option to join a different class or refunded. When the maximum enrollment is met, the class becomes closed to new registrations.  Students must be 16 years of age at the start of the course.  

Please note that the training institute does not allow for missed class time. Please review the course schedule to make sure that you will be able to attend all classes prior to registering.  You will be required to do clinical time outside of these practical days. You should expect about 15-20 hours of online classwork outside of class.  All students are required to bring a laptop or tablet to class for exams. 

Once a student’s meets all requirements for completion of the EMT program, they will be required to successfully pass the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians- EMT cognitive and psychomotor exams in order to become certified by NREMT and Pennsylvania. The cost for a student’s initial attempt at the cognitive exam is $98 which is covered by tuition.